A Multilingual Dialogue

This session is designed to be a visual experience comparing two plugins for multilingual publishing with WordPress from an in-browser perspective. Consequently, we’ll be two speakers presenting those plugins: Jenny Beaumont and Caspar Hübinger.

We’re going to start with two browser windows on one screen, each one displaying a copy of almost one and the same bilingual WordPress site. Almost, because the difference is going to be:

**One site is set up with WPML.**
**The other one with MultilingualPress PRO.**

Our starting line will be vanilla WordPress 4.1, the Twenty Fifteen theme, and our multilingual plugins including bilingual sample content already set up in French and English.

We’re going to do a short demo of the front-end and back-end of our sites, edit an existing post (including its translation) and add a featured image.

From there we’re going to dig deeper, add plugins, customize the theme, add more content, connect already existing posts to already existing translations and so forth.

Everything we’re doing can be watched right there on the wall, either simultaneously (if technically possible), or alternating between the two sites. After, or even during demo-ing we’re going to answer all kinds of questions, be it from a user or a (medium) developer perspective.
Our focus will be highlighting different use cases for each of the solutions featured, as well as elaborating on different user types for whom one or the other plugin might be a favorable solution.